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The Protective Services Group offer a diverse range of career opportunities and working arrangements throughout Queensland. It is a rewarding career with job security and ample opportunity for career development.

When joining the Service as a Protective Services Officer (PSO), our officers complete a full-time seven-week training program at the Queensland Police Service Academy which covers Operation Skills and Tactics Training; security legislation; and organisational policies and procedures. When joining as a Senior Protective Services Officer (SPSO), officers complete a full-time five-week training program also at the Academy and join the Service as an empowered Senior Protective Services Officer. This training course includes Operation Skills and Tactics Training; corporate strategy and induction; technical knowledge; security legislation; policy and procedures; skills and capability training; and holistic competency assessment to prepare officers for work within the current security environment.

Once a member of the Protective Services Group, there are opportunities to undertake further training and other professional development courses to progress and enhance your career in areas such as technical skills; leadership and management.

Working for the Queensland Police Service offers you:

  • Opportunity for career mobility and progression;
  • Salary sacrifice arrangements;
  • Comprehensive health, welfare and carer support services;
  • Leave assistance for study;
  • Access to a free gymnasium at Police Headquarters and the Academies (Oxley and Townsville).

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No qualifications are required to apply for a position with Protective Services Group; however, it is mandatory to have a current First Aid and CPR Certificate.

Employment opportunities are advertised as a classification OO2, OO3 or OO4 in the Queensland Police Service on Smart Jobs. To stay updated on our recruitment intakes, setup email alerts with the keywords Protective Services on the SmartJobs website.

The recruitment and selection process comprises of multiple stages.  Please note that participation in this process is entirely voluntary. However, a failure to successfully complete each of the following components may impact the progression of one’s application:

  1. Generally, within 14 days from the closure of the vacancy, applicants who comply with selection criteria (outlined in the position description) will be invited to attend an Assessment Day.  Applicants will be provided all details and unfortunately, due to restrictive timeframes, must be available to attend one of the nominated assessment dates as provided by the panel convenor. An inability to do so may exclude you from participating further in the selection process. NOTE:  The Assessment Day for Regional positions may occur at a date later than 14 days – panel convenors will advise as soon as possible;
  2. The Assessment Day comprises of two phases. In phase one applicants are invited to complete a supervised cognitive ability test, (attendance duration 30 minutes).  Successful applicants will progress to phase two and will participate in a team activity held later in the day (attendance duration 30 minutes).  Please note that results from the Assessment Day are non-appealable and feedback cannot be provided;
  3. Participation in a formal panel interview;
  4. Participate in a psychological assessment process that evaluates an applicant’s psychological suitability and person-job fit for the role of a Protective Services Officer;
  5. Referee checks to confirm the panel recommendations. Issues such as integrity, character and conduct for appointment as a security officer may be addressed with your referee;
  6. Criminal history and/or integrity checks.  This requires disclosure of serious disciplinary action taken in accordance with the Public Service Commission Directive – Post Separation Discipline. Details of the criminal history checking process are provided below in the ‘Police Security Checking Guidelines’ section of this guide;
  7. Medical examination with a QPS Pre-Employment Medical Screening (PEMS) provider. Applicants who are recommended for appointment by the selection panel will be responsible for payment of a pre-employment medical cost to be paid directly to the provider.  Applicants can be expected to pay approximately $539.00+GST. Comprehensive details will be provided to recommended applications as soon as practicable.  A PEMS is not required prior to applying for this position.

Application received -> Assessment day -> Panel Interview -> Psychological Assessment -> Vetting & PEMS -> Offer of Employment


Protective Services Group training programs are conducted at the QPS Academy at Oxley. Participants will be paid as a casual employee whilst undertaking this training and accommodation may be provided for people who reside outside the greater Brisbane metropolitan area.

Training has been structured around three main themes;

Corporate Strategy and Induction - This provides participants with the underpinning knowledge and expectations of the QPS with regards to strategy, performance and professional practice. Sessions include strategic direction, Protective Services operational priorities, service delivery charter, as well as ethical and professional standards.  Also included are a suite of topics surrounding corporate capability and responsibility such as Our People Matter initiatives, Workplace Health and Safety, Inclusion and Diversity, and Respectful Workplace Behaviour. Participants also undertake a range of QPS online education products to enhance current and future learning requirements. Protective Services recruits also participate in the daily parade with police recruits.

Technical knowledge, skills, capabilities – ensures officers can:

  1. Apply Protective Services Group methodology;
  2. demonstrate professional practice;
  3. operate safely within policing/protective security environment;
  4. communicate within a policing / protective security environment; and
  5. perform operational skills and tactics – a one-week Operational Skills Training (OST) program teaching officer safety, communication and strategies to effectively manage and control people relative to public security expectations.

The Security Environment - The training solidifies current accepted protective security practices and seeks to grow organisational and individual understanding. It aims to instil knowledge of the current and future security environment with trainees exposed to presentations from specialist areas including:

  1. counter terrorism investigations;
  2. intelligence;
  3. command, control and incident management; and
  4. other specialist capabilities.

Protective Services Group Officers attain a working understanding of the public safety arena to provide:

  1. a focused consultative capability to clients;
  2. security knowledge and protection procedures for buildings and critical infrastructure;
  3. operational support for police and emergency services;
  4. support regarding the integration of capability for first responders; and
  5. first response crime scene management and integrity.

Protective Services Officers:  undertake a seven-week training program.

Senior Protective Services Officers: complete an intensive five-week training program – The additional time within the training environment centres around the understanding and use of legislative functions and powers that are conferred upon a Senior Protective Security Officers pursuant to Part 3, Division 1 and 2 of the State Buildings Protective Security Act 1983

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Protective Services Group offer our employees:

  • Government employment;
  • A broad range of leave entitlements, including long service, parental leave and Domestic Violence leave;
  • Flexible work options;
  • A supported recruitment, training and induction program;
  • Generous superannuation and salary packaging schemes; and
  • Access to professional development relevant to their career and ambitions.

The Protective Services Group offers unique and inclusive opportunities for a diverse group of people in varied environments. Upon being absorbed into the Queensland Police Service, Protective Services adopted the Our People Matter Strategy, which is our organisation’s commitment to improving the health, safety and wellbeing of our people, families and workplaces.

An inclusive and diverse workforce contributes to a resilient workforce. It ensures skills, abilities and experience of employees are used effectively in their work. Being an inclusive organisation allows for development of talent, innovation, creativity and valuable contributions and inspires all members of the organisation to be leaders, regardless of rank or classification. To effectively engage with the community, we must understand and acknowledge diversity and the importance of our role in building strong, positive and inclusive relationships.

Not only do Protective Services support all members regardless of ethnicity, gender, disability or sexual orientation; any changing circumstances such as injury or pregnancy are accommodated to ensure the health and wellbeing of every member is prioritised.


“Protective services have been very supportive and accommodating throughout my pregnancy. This positive and flexible work environment has allowed me to focus on myself and my baby and to not feel stressed about work.  I was able to move from my previous Shift work (12hour shift) roster to a Mon-Fri 9-5 position which gave me a more suitable and consistent schedule which helped with pregnancy fatigue. I also transitioned from operational onto light duties. Protective services gave me access to paid maternity leave and prenatal leave so that I was able to attend doctors/hospital appointments without using my annual leave or taking unpaid leave.”

- Protective Services Officer, Sarah Halliday


“In October 2019 I was notified I would need surgery for a non-work related injury. My first thought was “How am I supposed to survive for 6 months without being able to work?” – knowing that my role as a Senior Protective Services Officer is physically demanding. I notified the Operational Supervisors and they explained options for suitable duties to me and got me in contact with Injury Management. My Medical Practitioner outlined my physical capabilities and work has been very flexible to accommodate my restrictions by assigning suitable duties. I was back at work only 2 weeks after surgery, hobbling around in a full leg brace with crutches. I was really overwhelmed with the amount of support that I received on my first few weeks back. I have been assigned various tasks, expanding my skill set. My recovery is going well and I am now looking towards hitting my goals of returning to full duties. It really is an amazing benefit of being a staff member of QPPS – they care about your welfare and will provide support. I sought help, was guided in the right direction to develop a work-plan and was supported by the Service through a time in need.”

- Senior Protective Services Officer, Georgia Dean

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What is the difference between a Protective Services Group Officer and a Police Officer?

Protective Services Group Officers are staff members of the Queensland Police Service (QPS) and provide security services to Government buildings, environs and staff. Officers are appointed under oath as either a Protective Services Officer or a Senior Protective Security Officer. Senior Protective Services Officers have legislative powers within State Government buildings to;

  • Demand Identification;
  • Examine entrants and belongings;
  • Seize proscribed matter;
  • Evict offenders;
  • Detain offenders.

What locations can I work?

Protective Services Group offers a diverse range of career opportunities and working arrangements throughout Queensland.

What hours will I work?

Static Guards – may be required to work a variety of hours/shifts.

Mobile Patrols – shifts of 12 hours. Work an average of 27 hours per week rostered over an 8 week cycle covering a 24 hour shift pattern.

Central Operations Room – 24/7

What are the medical requirements?

Information can be found under the ‘Health questions’ section on the Queensland Police Service Recruiting FAQ page. Frequently Asked Questions | Queensland Police Service Recruiting (

Do I need any qualifications to work for Protective Services?

No – however there are mandatory requirements to apply e.g. you must have a current First Aid and CPR Certificate.

What are the pay rates?

Information can be found on the Queensland Government website at:

What about Superannuation?

Information can be found on the Queensland Government website at:

Applications are to be submitted online via the Queensland Government Smart Jobs and Careers website at

  • Applicants need to create a ‘My SmartJob’ account before submitting an online application. Details are available through the Queensland Government Smart Jobs and Careers website at
  • Applicants can ‘save and submit later’, allowing them to organise attachments for submission at a later time, but by the closing date.
  • Applicants must NOT attach photographs or other large graphics to an application.

If experiencing any technical difficulties when accessing applicants can contact 13 QGOV (13 74 68).

If applicants do not have internet access and are unable to submit an application online, they can contact the Applications Processing Team on (07) 3021 5450, (07) 3021 5451 or (07) 3021 5465, between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, to enquire about alternative arrangements.

Before lodging an application, applicants should use the following checklist:

  • Have you observed any specified page limit?
  • Does your application include your name and page numbering on the header/footer of each page?

Late Applications

Selection panel convenors have the discretion to consider late applications received after the vacancy closing date but prior to the commencement of the selection process, provided they are satisfied exceptional circumstances exist which prevented the applicant from submitting a completed application by the closing date. Applicants should be aware that shortlisting can occur at any stage from the time applications close and failure to supply full details in time may result in the application being unsuccessful.

Late applications cannot be submitted via the Smart Jobs and Careers website. If it is necessary to submit a late application, the applicant must contact the Queensland Shared Services Applications Processing Team on (07) 3021 5450 or (07) 3021 5451 or (07) 3021 5465.

Changing your details

If an applicant’s personal details change after they have submitted an application, they need to advise Queensland Shared Services. Applicant’s must ensure that the job ad/ vacancy reference number (on the front of the position description) appears in the email subject line, or appears on the outside of the envelope, and send the correspondence to the Queensland Shared Services office or email address which appears at the end of the relevant position description.

Withdrawing an application

Applicants have the option to withdraw their online application from the ‘My Applications’ page of ‘My SmartJob’ at any time. Applicants wishing to resubmit an application will need to withdraw and delete their application in their Smart Jobs account prior to the closing date. It is not possible to submit a new application if the Job Ad has closed. Refer to the Late Applications section if submitting an application after the closing date.

To withdraw an online application after the closing date, applicants can access the application from the ‘My Applications’ page of ‘My SmartJob’ and change the status to ‘withdrawn’. Queensland Shared Services will advise the selection panel of any applications withdrawn after the vacancy has closed.