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The Protective Services Group offers a diverse range of career opportunities and working arrangements throughout Queensland. It is a rewarding career with job security and ample opportunity for career development.

Protective Services Officers are sworn staff members of the Queensland Police Service. They have legislative powers to provide security to state government buildings and assets, whilst working closely with Queensland Police Officers. Protective Services Officers are governed under the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act.

Once a member of the Protective Services Group, there are opportunities to undertake further training and other professional development courses to progress and enhance your career in areas such as technical skills, leadership and management.

  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Hold a current First Aid and CPR Certificate.
  • Be an Australian citizen or resident in Australia with permission, under commonwealth law, to work in Australia.
  • Must be able to complete Protective Services Group training at the Oxley Police Academy, Brisbane.

Employment opportunities are advertised as operational stream classifications under the Queensland Police Service on Smart Jobs. To stay updated on recruitment intakes, set up email alerts with the keywords Protective Services on the SmartJobs website.

The recruitment and selection process comprises of multiple stages. Please note that participation in this process is entirely voluntary. However, a failure to successfully complete each of the following components may impact the progression of one’s application:

  • Participate in a psychological assessment (safe select) process that evaluates an applicant’s psychological suitability and person-job fit for the role of a Protective Services Officer.
  • Participation in a formal panel interview.
  • Referee checks. Issues such as integrity, character and conduct for appointment as a Protective Services Officer may be addressed with your referee.
  • Integrity vetting. This requires disclosure of serious disciplinary action taken in accordance with the Public Service Commission Directive – Post Separation Discipline.
  • Medical examination with a QPS Pre-Employment Medical Screening (PEMS) provider. Applicants who are recommended for appointment will be responsible for payment of a pre-employment medical cost to be paid directly to the provider.
  • Participate in an online ACER assessment (unless exempt). Exemptions: Holds a Certificate IV or higher, Security Provider Licence, successful AWO ACER assessment (within 12 months of sitting the assessment), successful QPS Entrance Assessment (within 3 years of sitting the assessment).

When joining the Service as a Protective Services Officer it is a requirement to undertake and complete a comprehensive seven-week, full-time, paid training schedule which is conducted at the Queensland Police Service Academy in Oxley, Brisbane.

Protective Services Officers recruits will attend training sessions from 7:30am - 3:30pm, Monday through Friday

The training program includes a Corporate Induction focusing on ethics and integrity, legislation pursuant to the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000, communication skills, Operational Skills and Tactics Training (OST), and preparing for the operational duties they will encounter.

The journey is about dedication, commitment, and the motivation to succeed. Recruits are provided with resources and knowledge to ensure they are equipped to keep the community safe.

Throughout the program, participants will be assessed through a combination of regular written exams, practical and scenario assessments, as well as Online Learning Products.

Upon completion of the seven-week training course, officers will have gained the knowledge and skills to problem-solve and enhance decision-making skills in an operational environment. Following this initial training phase, they will be mentored for a further twelve-weeks.

Once graduated from the QPSA, officers will be allocated to various State Government sites.

Protective Services Group offers employees:

  • Government employment
  • A broad range of leave entitlements, including long service, parental leave, Domestic Violence leave and leave assistance for approved study
  • Flexible work options
  • A supported recruitment, training and induction program
  • Generous superannuation and salary packaging schemes
  • Opportunity for career mobility and access to professional development relevant to career and ambitions, and
  • Comprehensive health, welfare and carer support services.

The Protective Services Group offers unique and inclusive opportunities for a diverse group of people in varied environments. Upon being transitioned to the Queensland Police Service, Protective Services Group adopted the Our People Matter Strategy, which is our organisation’s commitment to improving the health, safety and well-being of our people, families and workplaces.

An inclusive and diverse workforce contributes to a resilient workforce. It ensures skills, abilities and experience of employees are used effectively in their work. Being an inclusive organisation allows for the development of talent, innovation, creativity, and valuable contributions and inspires all members of the organisation to be leaders, regardless of rank or classification. To effectively engage with the community, we must understand and acknowledge diversity and the importance of our role in building strong, positive, and inclusive relationships.

Protective Services Group supports all members - regardless of ethnicity, gender, disability, or sexual orientation.  Any changing circumstances, such as injury or pregnancy, are accommodated to ensure the health and wellbeing of every member is prioritised.

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