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The Protective Services Group provide a wide range of efficient, effective and ethical security services to Government clients across the state. It is our vision to be Queensland's leading provider of protective security services, admired for our people, partnerships and performance with a mission to deliver exceptional service through innovative, progressive and responsive protective security services.

Our Client Guide outlines what you can expect from the Protective Services Group when you engage us to provide security services. If you are interested in security services not currently listed, please contact us to discuss how we can work together.

We have base-level and empowered officers available to protect government infrastructure and people. Our officers are trained at the Queensland Police Service Academy and abide by both the Queensland Police Service and the Queensland Government Codes of Ethics and Conduct.

Protective security officers

Protective security officers are sworn staff officers who have the same powers under the criminal code as a security officer in the private sector. Before being appointed, protective security officers undergo an extensive criminal history check. Training includes a thorough understanding of relevant legislation, policy and procedure accompanied by a workplace learning program that enhances their role and responsibility in support of senior protective security officers.

Senior protective security officers

Senior protective security officers are sworn staff officers who have, in relation to a state building, all the powers and authorities of a police officer, except the power of arrest. In addition, senior protective security officers are empowered to detain any person who has committed any offence before handing them over to a police officer.

Like protective security officers, our empowered officers undergo an extensive criminal history check before being appointed. Senior protective security officers complete an intensive six-week training program that includes Operation Skills and Tactics Training; corporate strategy and induction; technical knowledge, skills and capability training; and holistic competency assessment to prepare officers for work within the current security environment.

The Protective Services Group operate mobile patrol and alarm response services to government locations throughout the state of Queensland with a combination of Protective Services Officers and pre-qualified private security providers.

All Protective Services Group patrol officers have been trained at the Queensland Police Academy and are Senior Protective Security Officers with legislative powers under the State Buildings Protective Security Act of 1983. In addition, these officers have undergone specialist training courses in Mobile Patrols and Alarm Response procedures.

The Mobile Patrols team operate a fleet of marked, highly visible vehicles based at local Police Stations within the Brisbane, Logan and Moreton Bay regions. Each patrol vehicle is equipped with secure data and voice systems, with integrated radio communications providing direct communication to all other Queensland Emergency Services. Patrol and alarm responses are assigned by an automated Patrol Management System that records all onsite checks with GPS tracking.

Mobile patrols operate 24 hours, 7 days a week by uniformed officers and can provide several services for clients including:

  • Randomised internal and external site patrols
  • Alarm response services
  • Welfare checks for staff working after hours
  • Staff escorts
  • Location lock up or unlocking services
  • Specified services such as inspecting equipment vaccine fridges and cold rooms
  • Staff or Contractor site access afterhours and weekends
  • Adhoc patrols for specified periods due to site incidents
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We provide a high level, 24-hour, seven day a week monitoring service for more than 2,500 electronic security systems across government buildings throughout Queensland. We can monitor security alarms systems, access control, automated alarm monitoring equipment such as fridge and freezers, building management systems, remote video/alarm systems and personal safety and security alarm systems. All these systems can report back to our monitoring station by way of standard phone line, GPRS, 3G/4G and IP. In the event of a natural disaster or technical issue, we can divert alarm transmission and calls to a backup site.

Building Services Coordinators have a demonstrated knowledge of building management and procedures and are placed in State Government buildings across Queensland. These officers are senior protective security officers who have received further training in Australian Standard 3745-2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities. The course provides training in facilities management, security, administration, workplace health and safety, occupant emergency program, supervision and communication.

Protective Services Group are the security provider for over 1700 schools across the state of Queensland and work closely with the Department of Education. Our service entails 24/7 alarm monitoring, static guards, mobile patrols, alarm response, and technical assistance. Senior Protective Security Officers are empowered with all the powers and authorities of a police officer (except arrest) whilst on state government school property. Please contact our Client Liaison department on pseducationservices@police.qld.gov.au for any queries regarding services to schools.


Protective Services Group also operates the School Watch Program. This program is a partnership between Education Queensland, the Queensland Police Service and Protective Services. It aims to reduce criminal activity in Queensland schools and encourages everyone to look out for after-hours crime in our schools. If you see anything suspicious, please don't attempt to intervene. Call the School Watch number on 13 17 88, or in an emergency contact 000.

"As a school of approximately 3,200 students, Protective Services are an important part in keeping our students and facilities safe. They have always been prompt, efficient, highly effective and exceptional with their communication.

We have a very amicable relationship and they are always working in the school's interest outside of hours to ensure our resources are protected from trespassers/vandalism and the general public on site.  They are non-confrontational but get the message across."

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