Government ID Cards

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Queensland Government employees who require a Queensland Government identity (ID) card must contact their department's Authorising Officer who will assist in completing the necessary paperwork and processing the request. 

Queensland Government IDs are primarily requested online and mailed directly to the Authorising Officer. This involves the Authorising Officers loading the necessary employee details, photograph and signature in accordance with the relevant guidelines into the online system and making the request.  This is currently the preferred process.

In some cases, the Authorising Officer cannot submit a photograph online on behalf of a staff member.  In these instances, the staff member will need to attend a photographic session held at the Government ID Office. 

Photographic sessions are held each week from Monday to Thursday from 8am to 10am.  There is no requirement to pre-book into a photographic session. 

When attending a photographic session, staff are required to bring the barcode form issued from the relevant Authorising Officer and photographic identification. 

While it is no longer mandatory to wear facemasks, the ID Office encourages all staff to bring a facemask as a precaution if social distancing within the ID Office cannot be maintained during the photographic session.

Staff cannot attend a photographic session if unwell in any way.  Please do not come in if you have a fever, or even a minor symptom of respiratory illness (cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny nose or nasal congestion).

Client Access

Authorising Officers can log in to Client Access to manage employee ID cards.

To become an Authorising Officer for your department, please contact the Government ID Office for more information.

Location: Level 6 Makerston House

30 Makerston Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

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We offer on-site visits for large groups. An ID Card Consultant can visit your site to take the ID photos. The ID cards will then be processed at our head office and sent to your authorised officer for issuing.

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Authorised issuing officers, please follow these steps:

1. For new ID card issues, photos and signatures MUST now be uploaded online via the ID Card Web System. This will eliminate the need for employees/members to attend the ID Card Office in person.

Uploaded photos MUST comply with the ID PHOTO GUIDELINES.

2. ID cards MUST now be mailed to the issuing officer, rather than collected from the ID Card Office.

Please refer to the Protective Services ID CARD WEB MANUAL for full guidance on ID card issuing and delivery methods.

Client access

Protective Services clients can log in to Client Access to manage employee ID cards.

Queensland Police Protective Services refers to the Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) for security risk assessments and threat mitigation guidelines. Please see the subsections below, regarding identity cards:

Protective Security Policy Framework

16 Entity Facilities

C.5.6 Access Control Systems

C.5.6.3 Identity cards

66. Identity cards allow the recognition of personnel in entity facilities. Requirement 5 mandates entities use identity cards with personal identity verification in Zones Three to Five. The Attorney-General’s Department recommends entities use identity cards in all facilities, regardless of the level of the zone.

67. The PSPF policy: Eligibility and suitability of personnel requires that entities verify the identity of all personnel using the Document Verification Service. It is recommended that identities be verified to at least Level of Assurance 3 of the National Identity Proofing Guidelines. The Attorney-General’s Department recommends entities use the National Identity Proofing Guidelines to at least Level 3 for personnel accessing Zones Three to Five for authorised personnel not covered by the PSPF policy: Eligibility and suitability of personnel. This is considered better practice for access to Zones One and Two.

68. The Attorney-General’s Department recommends:

a. identity cards are:

i. uniquely identifiable

ii. worn by all authorised personnel and clearly displayed at all times while on entity premises

iii. audited regularly in accordance with the entity’s risk assessment

b. identity card-making equipment and spare, blank or returned cards are secured within Zone Two or higher zone based on the security risk assessment.

For further details, please go to: